Armadillo Invasion: Protecting Your Yard Against Dastardly Digging Machines

Armadillos can cause a path of destruction in your yard, but there are ways you can prevent them from making your home their own. If you are concerned about avid armadillos on your property, here are a few preventative steps you can take to keep them at bay.

Clear Shrubs And Bushes

Shrubs and bushes on your property can provide excellent cover for armadillos burrowing their way into your yard. If you have these items growing next to your home, along your sidewalk, or down your driveway, consider removing them completely. Replace them with concrete pavers or brick to create beautiful edging while also limited the amount of space armadillos can dig up. By keeping them away from your foundation and concrete, you can help prevent the burrowing from causing cracks and other types of structure damage.

Fence In Your Yard

If you don't already have a fence in your yard, you may want to consider adding one. A fence sunk below the ground can prevent armadillos from walking onto or burrowing under your property. The fence should have no small openings the animals can make their way through, so consider wood or brick fences instead of chain link or wrought iron. Your pest control expert can provide advice on how far to sink the fence posts into the ground and which types of fencing work best to keep armadillos away. An added benefit to fencing off your yard is that it can prevent a range of other animals from accessing your property as well. These animals might include skunks, rabbits, and mice.

Add Armadillo Traps

You may be able to capture any offending armadillos with special traps. Your pest control expert may be able to provide you with traps large enough to hold these animals. They should be put in place before nightfall, as armadillos are nocturnal creatures. Check the traps in the morning, and contact your pest control company if you do capture one so it can be humanely released back into the wild. It's better not to handle the animals yourself, as they can carry some diseases, including rabies and leprosy.

If you've seen an armadillo on your property, or if you've seen large burrows in the ground you suspect are from these dastardly digging machines, contact your pest control expert to have the removed. With the right intervention, you can act before they cause significant damage to your yard.  For more information, contact local pest control services.