Cleaning Up After A Bat Infestation: Three Things To Know

If you've had a bat problem in your home, you'll likely have some serious cleanup to do after your pest control expert removes the creatures from your home. Here are some cleaning tips you can use as you begin to recover from a bat infestation.

Remove Damaged Insulation And Drywall

Bat urine and droppings can damage the insulation in your attic, as well as any drywall or other porous surfaces where the bats were living. Take care to remove the affected materials from the attic, and work with a contractor to add new drywall or insulation as needed. Wear protective gear, including a dust mask and gloves, to avoid coming into direct contact with any bat droppings.  If there were any cardboard boxes in the attic, they may need to be thrown away, along with the contents stored inside.

Vacuum The Floor

A shop vacuum can be your best friend during the cleanup process. This powerful type of vacuum is designed for heavy-duty jobs, and it can quickly pick up droppings and debris from the attic floor. Use a spray bottle filled with water to lightly list the area before you begin vacuuming, as this can help to prevent particles from circulating in the air where they can be breathed in. Empty the contents of the vacuum into a heavy-duty garbage bag, and then take the bag to your outside trash bin. You may want to use two or more bags to prevent rips and tears that might otherwise leave the droppings in your trash bin.

Sanitize Surfaces

Scrub down the floors, support beams, and any other surfaces in the attic that don't need to be replaced. You can use a bleach solution for this task, or your pest control expert may recommend a chemical cleaner to help with the scrubbing. Be sure to throw any scrub brushes, rags, or other cleaning tools away after your project is complete to prevent cross contamination.

After you are done cleaning the attic, consider contacting a mold remediation expert. Over time, the droppings and urine may have caused damp, moist conditions in the attic. These conditions can lead to mold growth on the walls and floors of the attic. If you suspect you have a bat problem in your home, contact a pest control expert to inspect your attic and help you get rid of the offending fliers before they do serious damage.

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