How To Get Rid Of Ants In Your Yard

Ants can be pesky insects when they're in your home, but they can also be a pain if they are invading your yard as well. Ants can cause damage to your yard by building nests and ant hills throughout your grass. They can take over your gardens, eat trees and can even bite you (depending on the type of ants you have). Ants can be a big problem if you don't take care of them. See below for tips to control ants in your yard.

Keep Your Yard Healthy

Ants are everywhere, but they are usually in yards that don't have healthy lawns. Keep your grass healthy and turf hardy to prevent ants from building nests in your yard. This means you'll need to add grass seed and fertilizer, plus water it often for a hardy lawn. Keep it trimmed, mowed, and weed-free.

Spray Or Sprinkle A Pesticide

Use a pesticide in your yard or garden beds if you have a lot of ants to help kill off the colonies that already exist. You can find a spray pesticide or a granular pesticide to kill off the ants, and a lot of other pests as well that could be damaging your yard (or that could invade your home such as fleas, spiders or roaches). Follow the manufacturer's instructions to use the product and kill the pests in your yard. Be sure to also use a pesticide on your trees if you have ants on trees. Some ants such as carpenter ants could be eating your trees, which could eventually kill the trees.

Remove Mulch

Mulch is a great place for ants to nest and make their homes. Remove any mulch around your home or near your foundation walls. Ants that are nesting in your mulch will most likely make their way inside your home. Get rid of the mulch to help cut down on the amount of ants in your yard.

Get Rid Of Landscaping

Landscaping planted too closely to your home could be a great way for ants to get into your home. Keep landscaping plants and trees away from your home or your porch/patio to prevent ants from invading your space. Also be sure to clip back your trees so there aren't any limbs hanging over your home.

Clear Away Brush

Clear brush piles in your yard that could be housing ants or other pests. These piles are a great place for pests to hide or feed off of. Remove the piles or move them to the furthest part of your yard.

Ants in your yard can cause a lot of damage to your home or your lawn. Hire a pest control company for help if need be to prevent future damage or an infestation in your home.