Do's And Don't Of Ridding Your Home Of Bats

Bats can be a scary thing to have in your home. However, they are not really dangerous (unless they happen to be rabid) and can actually be beneficial because they eat insects. But, understandably, you probably don't want them living in your attic. But what are you to do? If you have ever been sitting at your dining room table at night and seen a bat fly by the ceiling and felt your heart skip a beat, then you know that it can be very unnerving to have these creatures inside your home. However, there are proper and improper ways to go about getting rid of them. Below are some things you should not do, as well as the proper ways to deal with bats and get them out of your home.

Don't Try To Spray Poisons On Them

Bats are not like wasps, you don't want to spray poison on them. First off, there are no things such as bat poison sprays. What you might end up doing is spraying a toxic spray meant for wasps or hornets onto the bats. This will injure them, and they might not even die. And if they do, it will be a painful, agonizing one where they crawl around your attic and make noise. There are poisons for bats, but you need to get these from a pest control expert. These poisons, however, are really only a last resort and in some areas, there are even laws against using them.

Do Put Up A Bat Box

What you should do is put up a bat box on the side of your house or on a nearby tree. The bat box is designed to attract bats and allow them somewhere safe to roost. You want the bats to stay in the area because they eat insects, so if you don't like lots of bugs biting you (mosquitoes, and other nasty critters) then you need to try to keep the bats in the area. You can get bat boxes from home improvement stores as well as online from bat-friendly organizations that look to encourage people to keep bats safe, yet out of the house,

Do Contact A Pest Control Expert To Set Up Exclusion Nets

The best way to keep them out of your home is to set up exclusion nets. These nets will allow any bats that are inside your home to get outside but will prevent bats from getting back inside. This is important because it will force the bats to stay outside, and they will hopefully find the bat house you put up and stay there. The bats will have to leave your attic every night to feed, so after a while, you can seal up the cracks in your attic and keep the bats from returning. Consult with a pest control expert and have them bring in the exclusion nets and secure your attic so that you won't have to deal with bats flying around your home anymore.

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