Keep Pests Away From Your Home: 5 Tips

Pests can be the smallest of the small such as bed bugs to larger pests such as raccoons or opossums, and anything in between. No matter the size of the pests, you don't want them invading your home or your yard. Smaller pests can cause damage to your home and larger pests can carry disease. This is why you need to take some preventative steps to keep these pests away. See below for some helpful tips.

1. Remove Rubbish

Rubbish around your yard can not only make your home look a little unsightly it can also be housing pests. Remove old cars sitting in the yard or piles of garbage or refuse. Other piles in your yard such as compost piles or piles of leaves and grass clippings can also be housing pests, so remove these piles as well. Don't give pests a free place to live, get rid of these piles around your yard.

2. Keep Trash Contained

Trash should not be sitting in bags or in open containers. Trash should be kept in bags that are tied tightly and kept in an enclosed garbage can. A can with a lid will prevent pests such as raccoons or opossums from getting inside and tearing apart your trash. It can also keep out other pests such as rodents. Call your local garbage company about getting a garbage can with a lid, or you can purchase one from your local hardware store.

3. Seal Pet Food

If you keep pet food in your garage or outside, be sure it is in a sealed container. Also other food such as bird food should also be in sealed containers. Pests such as rodents may be attracted to your home if they're finding free food laying around.

4. Fence In The Garden

Your garden may be offering a free nightly buffet for pests such as rodents, raccoons, rabbits and opossums, as well as other pests such as insects. Use a fence to help keep out larger pests and sprinkle a pesticide to get rid of smaller pests (such as insects). That garden in your yard is for you and your family, not for the neighborhood pests.

5. Keep Your Yard Trimmed

Keep your yard trimmed low to prevent insects and rodents from invading your yard. Mow your lawn often and trim the edges so you don't have a lot of tall weeds where pests can be living. Also trim back bushes, overgrown trees or plants that could also be housing pests. Keep plants and landscaping at least 2 feet away from your home, and trim limbs that may be hanging over your home.

Keep pests away by taking good care of your home. If you are experiencing problems with pests, call a professional pest control company for help.

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