New To Termite Territory? Here's What To Know

Certain areas of the country are more prone to termites than others, even though the nasty wood-eating creatures are widespread. If you've just moved into a region where termites are more of a concern than where you were just living, you may end up encountering them a lot more, so you need to know what to expect. Just because termites are in the area doesn't mean you'll have a problem, but you should be aware of what's around you, and of course have good pest control services for your property.

You'll See Swarms

Termites are daylight creatures and tend to get really active when it's hot. Chances are you'll see them hatch and swarm in late summer, though you can see them at other times of the year. If you see a bunch of adult termites with wings flying around, just move out of the way. Termites won't harm humans; they just aren't fun to be around for anyone who doesn't like bugs.

You'll See Dead Ones in Your House

Obviously, if you find a ton of dead termites in your house, that's a bad sign. But during swarming season, it's not unusual to find two, maybe three lying dead on your floor. You could even find them on multiple days. These were just adults flying and looking for a place to land. It's not a sign of an immediate infestation, but it does mean that you should have pest control for termites in place just in case one found its way into your walls and survived.

You Shouldn't See Baby Ones

It would be a good idea to look at charts of the life cycle of a termite for your area. For example, here are a couple of links to the University of Florida's pages on subterranean and drywood termites. If you see anything in your house that looks like those baby ones, call your pest control service immediately as there may be a nest on your property.

Your Yard Isn't Safe

Some termites like your house, but others like the ground and just feast on your house. Don't be surprised if your pest control treatment involves treating your yard as well as your walls. And if you see young termites near plants but not in your house, that's still a sign you need to have the company come back out to search for a nest.

When you first move in, contact a pest control company like PermaTreat Pest & Termite Control that handles termites and the other bugs that are common in your area. Don't wait; prevention is easier than fighting active infestations.