Pest Control Tips For Avoiding Issues

While it's never a great feeling to find a pest in your home, there are some that will more than likely 'bug' you more than others. This can be due to the fact that some types of bugs tend to mean a possible infestation, while others tend to be more loners. For example, it's not often that you find your home invaded by masses on pincher bugs, but when you see a cockroach you know it means there could be thousands more. Here are some ways you can prevent some of the most worrisome pests from infesting your home:

Preventing a flea infestation: Fleas are pests that show up in large numbers, usually tracked in by your pets. The best way to prevent an infestation is by preventing them on your pets to begin with. You can do this by putting a flea and tick preventative on your pets regularly. You also want to be careful bringing in used pet items that can have fleas, such as cat trees and pet bedding.

Preventing cockroaches: You want to begin by keeping a clean house and not allowing food and crumbs to set around. You also want to be careful bringing anything used in your home that may be harboring roaches, such as furniture, electronics, boxes of items, etc.  You also want to repair leaks, so roaches don't come in for water.

Preventing ants: Ants send in scouts to look for goodies and water. If the scouts come back to the troops excited, then you end up dealing with an ant infestation. You want to make sure you close all possible access ways by sealing off even the smallest cracks, holes and openings. Especially check where pipes come in the house to make sure there aren't openings there. Keep crumbs cleaned up and sprinkle cinnamon around the counters by the backsplash and other areas ants may come to. They don't like the cinnamon and may take nothing but complaints back to the troops.

Preventing mice: Mice can also come in through very tiny spaces, so seal them all off in this case as well. Keep the kitchen less tempting by cleaning up after every meal and by properly sealing al your food containers. Also, think about getting a cat who will leave mice too scared to cross over into enemy lines. If they do, then they will meet their fate when your cat spots them.

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