Five Reasons You Need Pest Inspections

As a homeowner, or even a potential home buyer, pest inspections are one of those valuable maintenance steps that can save you from a whole lot of issues now and in the future. Here are five reasons you need pest inspections and why they hold this value:

  1. ​Prevention: First off, regular pest inspections are going to provide a better guarantee that prevention of pests altogether is possible. Besides, the signs that pests are present in your home are not always there or are simply not visible until it's too late. This means that you haven't had enough time to call in for pest control services before the many problems that pests pose have already begun. On top of this, most pests start off outside of the home and make their way in. Pest control professionals can find signs of these pests starting to make their way too close to your home and prevent it from happening. 
  2. Financial Protection: The biggest problem with pests is that the damages they cause are most likely not going to be covered by your homeowners insurance. This means that all damages they cause are going to be paid for out of your pocket, so avoiding these damages completely is so important. 
  3. Retain Home Value: Preventing pests in the home completely is the best way to retain home value. Otherwise, you either have to pay for the repairs no matter how slight or it's going to lead in value deterioration simply because if you sell your home, the potential buyer is likely going to have a pest inspection. If damages are found, not only does it suggest that the home is susceptible to pests, but also that these damages no matter how slight could be an issue in the future. 
  4. Protection When Buying: Speaking of buying and selling a home, if you are in the market to buy, having a pest inspection at this point is also important to protect yourself. Even if you don't notice outward signs and the seller is insistent that there are no pests, you really never know until the professionals come in. 
  5. Peace of Mind: Finally, having consistent pest inspections are going to provide you peace of mind in knowing that your home is habitable, your valuables are protected, and your home is also a place to entertain and have guests stay. 

These five reasons alone are enough to show why pest control inspections are so valuable. In the end, you save yourself time, money, and stress.