Bought A Log Home? Signs You May Have Termites And What To Do About Them

If you purchased a log home, then there are many insects that will try to move in with you. One of these insects is termites. Termites are a light color, have antennae, and their body is in one long piece instead of being segmented. Once they become mature they develop wings. These insects do not come outside at night, until they are starting new colonies, which happens in the spring months. To help you below are some signs you have termites, as well as what you can do about them.

Termite Signs

Unfortunately, there are few signs of termites in your home until you start seeing damage. One thing you can look for is small tunnels outside. These tunnels will be close to your home's foundation. They may be hard to see as the tunnels are generally the size of a pencil.

If you even think you have termites you need to call a professional pest control company to help you. They can investigate your home to determine if you do have them. If they do find them, they can use a chemical to kill the termites. The pest control company may have to come to your home more then once if they think you have a large infestation.

Things You Can Do

There are many things you can do to prevent termites from coming back once they are gone. Make sure the home has gutters and drains installed. This is because you need to keep the area around the log home's foundation as dry as you can.

Termites also love humidity, such as humidity in your bathrooms and attic. To prevent this, make sure these areas are properly ventilated. For example, you can install a fan in the bathroom. Hire a professional to check the attic and install ventilation in it if needed.

If there is any wood outside that is close to your home then you need to move it. If you do have wood, do not let it touch the soil. Instead, put it on something that will hold it up off the ground.

Termites can also get into a home through any cracks, cuts, or gaps in the wood. For this reason, keep an eye on these things. If you see any of them then contact a builder to get them repaired immediately.

Talk with a termite pest control company and they can give you much more information about termites.