Important Steps For Controlling Rats On Your Property

Rats are part of city life. Unless you're lucky, you'll probably have to deal with rats at some point whether it's rats eating from your fruit trees or rats gnawing to get inside your house. Since rats have adapted very well to city life and they're a constant threat, the best approach is to try and prevent them and remove rats as soon as you see them rather than try to eradicate a bunch of rats once they've begun to multiply. Here are a few tips for controlling rats so they don't become a nuisance.

Remove Outdoor Food Sources

Don't attract rats to your property in the first place by eliminating sources of food. If the rats can't find anything to eat, they'll move on to a neighbor's property where food is more plentiful. It doesn't take much food to attract rats, and they'll eat about anything, including bird and pet food. If you like to feed birds, squirrels, and your dog outside, just bring the food in before dusk since rats are most active at dusk and dawn.

Be sure your trashcan seals tightly and fix or replace a warped or broken lid so rats can't get inside. Don't forget about your grill. Rats might be attracted to the aroma of greasy meat stuck to the grill if you don't clean it thoroughly. Rats might also invade your yard if you have a garden or fruit trees. You may need to put a protective fence around your garden and shields around the tree trunks so the rats can't discover the bountiful supply of food.

Get Rid Of Cozy Nesting Places

Rats might be attracted to your yard because it has safe places to hide and nest. They may choose your yard if there's a good source of food nearby even if it isn't on your property. Rats feel comfortable in quiet places like an abandoned car or a shed you rarely go in. They will also live in woodpiles and piles of clutter. By keeping your yard trimmed and decluttered, the rats won't feel safe hanging out in the yard for very long.

Hire A Pest Control Company For Rat Control

If you have regular pest control treatments to keep roaches under control, see if they'll help you prevent rats from getting in your house. This is usually a matter of sealing up gaps that the rats could use to get inside your attic or garage. If you suspect there is a rat property outside or inside your house, the rat control company may even be able to set up monitoring traps to see if any rats can be caught. This will give you an idea of the extent of your problem.

Rats can carry dangerous diseases and they can do a lot of damage to your home, so you don't want these pests to get inside. If rats are in your home, set up traps to get rid of them or let the pest control company remove the rats before they do damage or destroy your food and belongings.