3 Ways to Shield Your Hotel from Pests

Even the sight of a single pest can give hotels a bad reputation. Fortunately, there are ways you can prevent pests from being unwanted guests in your hotel.

Start With Bedding

The biggest concern for hotels and their guests is bed bugs, which are hard to eliminate and can easily be transported back home by your guests. Your best defense against bed bugs is to protect your mattresses and box springs when they are new. Before placing them in the rooms, keep them contained in a zippered casing. This way, if bed bugs are found inside the room, they will remain outside the mattresses and box spring and will be easier to eliminate. You can add inexpensive padding on top to make the mattress more comfortable for guests. When your staff removes the bedding for washing, have them thoroughly inspect the linens so they can determine which room, if any, has evidence of bed bugs.

Maintain Pest Control Services

Regular pest control services are necessary to prevent or eliminate problems. Scheduling pest control can be harder with a hotel, since you likely do not want guests to see anyone spraying for them. It may be easier to be discreet during the daytime because hotel guests are more likely to be out exploring the area than inside the hotel. Once any specific room has been treated, give it a day or two to thoroughly dry and open a window if possible to allow the scent of any products to dissipate before renting out the room. If your hotel has several floors, planning in advance can help. You can schedule services for one floor at a time, and simply book the floors you do not plan to treat during that time.

Incorporate Preventative Measures

Preventing pests from breeding is a critical part of any pest control service. Talk with your exterminator about any products they use or ones you can purchase. Not every pest will come into contact with the spray used during servicing, and with numerous people in and out your hotel, there is always the chance of guests bringing in new pests. Any products you can discreetly place in each room to halt or slow the breeding process will give you the advantage and possibly prevent an infestation. Hydroprene works well on many types of pests as an insect growth regulator.

Hotels face unique challenges when preventing or eliminating pests. Getting the help of a pest control business, like All American Pest, is critical for businesses that are considered high-traffic establishments since any instance of a pest can turn into an infestation quickly.