3 Signs A Termite Colony Lives In Your Home

Do you live in an area where termites are common? Has it been a while since you had anyone out to check for an infestation? Without regular preventative treatments and inspections, your home can quickly go from being fine to having been partially devoured by termites almost before you know it. When it's been more than a year since you last even thought about the possibility of termites, you need to get a termite specialist out to your home as soon as possible. Here are some of the signs that your home is now also home to a colony of these destructive pests:

Sawdust piles: For small colonies, this can be a difficult sign to pick up on, especially outside where wind may blow the material away. As they tunnel through things like window frames and doorframes, waste is going to be generated. This waste often winds up outside the colony in small piles. It's often not actually bits of wood but is instead termite feces. Even if you have only noticed a grain here or there, it is important to call one of your local termite control services right away to deal with the situation. Let the professional know where you saw these grains as this will allow them to locate the colony more easily. 

Difficulty opening doors/windows: While doors and windows can naturally become warped over time in some instances, a sudden change in difficulty often means that you need to hire one of your local termite control services right away. As part of the process of eating wood, a termite colony can significantly raise the surrounding humidity levels. Even if they haven't started to nibble on your doorframes, the wood might be swollen enough from this humidity to make it difficult to open or close that door even if the outside humidity is relatively low. While termites may not be the only cause of such a situation, it's still worth getting things checked out, especially if you notice any other potential signs.

Strange noises: Termites might individually be small, but they can make a lot of noise. This is especially true for larger colonies. If you hear something like clicking, buzzing, or tapping coming from within your walls, then it's likely time to call one of your local termite control services and not a ghost hunter. As fun as it might be to imagine your home is haunted, you'll need to rule out a termite infestation first.

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