How A Pest Control Company Will Deal With Mice In Your Home

As the weather gets colder, all of those mice outside are going to look for a place to stay warm. Unfortunately, they may decide to make your home their winter getaway. Rather than handle the job of getting rid of the mice on your own, hire a pest control company to take care of it for you. This is how they'll get the job done.

Inspect And Seal The Outside

If mice are in the home they are coming in from somewhere. The first step is to inspect the outside of your home to figure out where. You would be surprised at the small size of holes mice can squeeze their small bodies through. All of those holes will need to be filled in. Ideally, a pest control company will put a wire mesh in the hole that will hurt the mouth of any mice that try to chew through it and cover it up with caulk or putty to form a nice seal.

Place Traps Inside The Home

After sealing the holes, now there may be some mice stuck in your home, which is not good. Mice can reproduce quickly, and you may not see their offspring for several weeks. That's why the next step will be to kill any mice in your home with traps.

At this point, you don't want to place poison in your home, because a mouse could end up dying in a place that you cannot reach. If they have a nest behind a wall, then an odor is going to come from that wall for a few weeks as the mouse body decays. Traps can be placed in an accessible location and will offer easier removal.

Remove Intrusive Conditions

With the holes sealed and the mice inside dead, the next step is to remove any intrusive conditions that are going to attract mice to your home in the first place. Even though the pest problem is fixed, for now, that doesn't mean that new mice will not create a new hole and get into your home.

Chemicals can be sprayed regularly to create a barrier that will drive mice away. You'll want to fix problems that attract mice, like standing water for them to drink. Poison can also be placed outside your home so that it is taken back to the nest and kills the offspring as early as possible.

Reach out to a pest control services company for more info on how they help get rid of mice.