Ant Control Tips

Ants are a pest that can come and go quickly. They are there for food and water, but they can leave to find what they need elsewhere at any time. If you have ants in your home, they may seem like they have left, but they could have just moved to another part of your home. Ants need to be exterminated properly in order to get rid of them entirely. This is why hiring a pest control expert is essential in ensuring these pests are removed entirely from your home. Read on for some tips to get rid of ants in your home. 

Set Ant Baits

You should set out ant bait traps around your home where you have seen signs or activity of these pests. The traps are easy to use, usually just removing a sticky cover and then setting them on your floor, in your cabinets, or on your counters wherever you've seen signs of them. The traps lure them inside, killing them when they eat the bait inside. The traps should be replaced often especially if you still have ants in your home. These types of traps can be found at your local hardware store or big box stores.

Wipe Off All Surfaces

Wipe all hard surfaces in your home to remove food or spills that may be luring in these pests. Remove buildup from the hard surfaces, including grease buildup on cooking surfaces. Use a mild dish soap and water solution to wipe down these areas to clear out the grease and food scraps or crumbs that may remain on your hard surfaces. Clean garbage cans as well as your pantry shelves, cooking spaces, appliances, countertops, and other areas you may prepare food. Be sure to also clean the inside of your sink and remove the dish strainer daily to keep ants out.

Spray To Exterminate

Exterminate the ants you can see using a spray pesticide. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on the packaging to use it correctly. Spray the ants you see and the surrounding areas to kill the ants and to kill the rest of the colony as well. You can use a manufactured spray or one that you make yourself using vinegar and dish soap. 

Ants are a difficult pest and you could be dealing with multiple ant colonies in your home. Contact a local pest control company, such as Best Pest Control Services, for more information.