Are You Struggling With Bed Bug Menace? 4 Pest Control Methods That Will Earn You A Good Night's Sleep

Have you noticed unexplained blood marks on your bending? Bite marks and bad odor may indicate you have a bed bug infestation at home. Therefore, you should hire pest control specialists to help you eliminate bed bugs. The following are pest control methods commonly used by professionals to kill bed bugs. 

1. Heat Treatments 

Professional exterminators may use portable heaters to circulate extreme heat into your home and kill the bugs. High heat is an excellent pest control method because it targets all life stages of a bed bug, including nymphs and eggs. 

However, you need to evacuate your family during the procedure. It is also recommended if you want to avoid chemical treatment. It takes a short time to kill the bugs, clean the house, and inspect hidden spots for visible bed bugs. Therefore, consult your pest control specialists about heat treatment. 

2. Cold Treatment 

Another popular method used by professional exterminators is cold treatment. Bed bugs cannot thrive under extreme temperatures. Therefore, professionals may use freezing temperatures to kill the bugs. They often use a gadget that targets surfaces with frozen carbon dioxide. The method kills both the bugs and their eggs. However, the pests may become resistant to the method over time. Professionals recommend alternating the method with heat treatment for the best results. You are also advised to schedule continuous treatment to keep the pests at bay. 

3. Insecticides 

This treatment is probably familiar since it is one of the most common bed bug extermination methods. Many homeowners opt for over-the-counter pesticides before consulting with professionals after repeated failed attempts. Pest control companies have access to quality and effective chemicals with better concentrations that you can use to exterminate bed bugs. However, you should leave the exercise to professionals to avoid self-poisoning. 

4. Fumigation 

Unlike spraying chemicals on targeted surfaces, fumigation fills your home with gaseous pesticides or fumigants. The idea is to suffocate the bed bugs and kill them. Fumigation is an effective treatment since the pesticides seep into crevices and cracks where the bugs could hide. The method increases the likelihood of exterminating the bugs, regardless of their hiding spots. However, you should evacuate your loved ones when fumigating your house. Remember to put away sensitive items such as kitchenware to avoid contamination. 

Depending on your situation, pest control experts will help you choose a viable method to exterminate bed bugs. Let the experts help you eliminate the pests, avoid painful bed bug bites, and prevent future infestation. For more information, contact pest control services near you.