Are There Mice In Your House?

The last thing you want to do is open a cupboard and have mice droppings or an actual mouse in there. Mice can and often do come into peoples' homes and don't limit themselves to just kitchens and pantries. Mice can live in walls and attics, in basements and under stairs, and can even make themselves at home in closets and underneath or behind appliances.

All mice need to get into a home is a small entrance since they can get inside via any small space their heads can fit through. This means you may even have mice when you don't even see them. You don't just have to worry about mice in the winter, either; mice can be seen in the home any time of year, although they are more likely to seek shelter in the winter.

Where you see one mouse, you potentially see many many more since mice breed at an alarming rate. Here are signs there are mice in your home, and what you should do so far as mice removal.

You smell something musty or ammonia-like in the home

Mice have their own special musk, likely because they use a urine trail to get in and out of homes and other locations. They find their way around homes and mark their adopted territories via urine, which leaves behind an unpleasant scent. If you smell ammonia or a musty smell in your home, especially in just a few key areas, then you may have mice.

You hear noises like scratching or squeaking

Mice may be hard to see, but they're not always hard to hear. Mice scurry a lot and make high-pitched squeaks and pips, so if you hear what sounds like scratching in your walls, behind appliances, or in other areas of the home, then you may have mice and need to call a wild mice removal specialist to help you get rid of them.

You can try to get a mice removal project going on your own, but you aren't likely to have great success in doing so. It's best to stuff any holes you have leading outside with steel wool (which mice have a hard time getting through) and call your mice removal specialist. This specialist will assist you in getting the most out of your pest removal endeavors and can help you feel better about your home. If you do have mice, there are many ways your pest control specialist can perform mice removal for you.