Steps In Addressing Your Home's Termite Problems

A termite infestation is an urgent problem for a homeowner to address. Failing to take prompt action against these pests can result in significant and widespread damage.

Identify The Full Extent Of The Termite Infestation

When your home has a termite problem, it will be necessary to identify the full extent of the infestation. Termites have the potential to spread throughout much of the home, but their activity may only be visible in a few places. A professional termite treatment service will be able to conduct a comprehensive review to determine the extent of the termite problem. This can allow them to devise a treatment plan that will ensure all of the termites in the home are eliminated.

Use A Combination Of Baits And Sprays To Eliminate The Termite Problem

As part of the process of eliminating termites, a professional service will use a combination of baits and sprays. This combination can prove to be especially effective at eliminating termites from the property. The sprays can eliminate termites that come into direct contact with it, and they can also help to act as a barrier to limit the ability of termites to travel throughout the house. Baits are then carried back to the termite nest where they can neutralize a large number of the colony members as well as the termite queen. In order to be effective, these substances will have to be placed in areas where the termites are active or likely to pass through. Identifying these areas can require a person that has a considerable amount of experience and knowledge about the habits of termites.

Repair The Areas That Were Damaged By The Termites

After the termite problem has been neutralized, it will be necessary to undertake a series of repairs to the home. These repairs will address the damage that the termites have caused. During the termite inspection and treatment, the pest control professional will be able to provide you with a list of the areas where the termites were found. This can make it easier to alert a contractor as to the areas that need to be inspected and repaired. In addition to restoring the home's structural integrity, repairing these damages may also make it less likely that termites will target the home again. This is due to the fact that a new termite colony will not be able to use the tunnels and pathways of the previous colony to infiltrate the home's interior.