Reducing Your Risk Of A Pest Infestation

There is no guaranteed way to prevent pests. Once a pest problem starts, it's almost impossible to eliminate without professional help. But some strategies will greatly reduce your chances of pest infestations.

Have A Solid Barrier

You should routinely inspect your home for vulnerabilities that can allow pests to enter and proliferate. Having your foundation and roof professionally inspected at regular intervals will allow someone to notice weaknesses and fix cracks that can allow both small and large pests to enter. Some types of pests, like mice or rats, can exploit small cracks by chewing on the material and making the hole larger. Another major entry point for pests is any space around your windows and doors. As the frames deteriorate or if there is a shift in your foundation, the windows or doors may not fit as securely. Often filling gaps around the frame with the appropriate caulking can fix the problem, at least temporarily. Any holes in your walls that allow for drainage pipes or areas around window AC units also need to be patched. The area around the pipe or AC unit should be fortified with mesh or another material that is difficult for pests to chew through. The optimal material would have openings so small that pests cannot penetrate it.

Be Cautious About Travel

Unfortunately, some of the most difficult pests like bedbugs or cockroaches can be acquired through traveling. If you stay at a hotel, be sure to check hiding places, like behind the bed or where the mattress meets the frame or wall. This is where you are more likely to notice bedbugs if they are present. Dresser drawers are another ideal hiding place for many pests. Even if you do not see any live bugs, dead bugs or excrement is a major clue there is a problem. Avoid using the dressers as much as possible and simply pull clothes out of your suitcase as needed. It is wise to be certain your suitcase is closed when it's not being monitored. It is also better to leave your suitcase on a table than on the bed or floor. When you return home, open your suitcase outside so you can manually inspect each item for bugs or anything that looks suspicious. If there are any stowaways, you can kill them before they make it into your home.

Vulnerabilities in your home or acquiring pests while traveling are some of the most common ways infestations start. Remaining vigilant will reduce your risk of having pests and allow you to tackle a problem before it spirals out of control.

To learn more about pest control, contact a professional near you.